Updated: Nov 20, 2018

One of my favorite father/son activities is hunting for lost golf balls.

We plunder the creeks and ponds of local golf courses after the first snow and carry as many back with us as we can.

Bucket filled with used golf balls.
Each bucket holds about 300 balls.

In the summer we sometimes bring 'The Claw' with us to the hiking trails which has a creek that connects upstream to Quaker Ridge CC and Bonnie Briar CC.

The 'CLAW"

When it rains the balls tumble downstream and collect at a few of the bends in the river.

Easy pickens.


It's a good way to spend time together as well as teach my son about the value of things.

Golf balls are expensive, dammit! And half of them were probably originally mine anyway...

Plus it's like treasure hunting, he loves it.

When we reach 1000 we go sell them for 10 cents apiece at Game On Golf Center.

He gets to keep $50 in cash and the rest goes into his college fund.