Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Although the hand positions don't match up perfectly in the sequences, it's easy to see how far I have to go in order to shallow the swing.

The below sequence was taken from frames from the Hudson Hills round.

It was the best camera setup I had available to try and match Rory's.

Camera angle is super important when trying to match your swing up with another. Don't let a mismatched angle deceive you into thinking your hands etc. are in the wrong (or right) position. Try to get the setup right down-the-line.

Since it was shot at 30fps it didn't capture enough frames to match it exactly, I picked the closest ones. I will have to do this again at 240fps to get a more accurate picture of the positions.

Regardless, it's still very clear that I have a lot of work to do in the shallowing department.

In order to achieve it, I also need to clear my hips quicker and get that belt buckle started pointing more toward the target earlier. That will help get the hands to drop more and clear the way for the shallower club path.

Rory McIlroy swing sequence
The red lines at Rory's butt were already in the pic. I added the yellow shaft planes and addt'l arrows.

PIC 1 - As you can see, things are looking pretty good right here.

He has a much straighter right leg that I do and a little more shoulder turn but other than that, one might think I know what I'm doing.

PIC 2 - FPS (frames per second) didn't grab a good shot for this stage of the swing but you can see how shallow Rory has the club and the difference in hand position as well. Some of this is wrist angle, his is much flatter whereas I have some cup in the left wrist.

PIC 3 - Also not a good matchup picture-wise but you can see how shallow his plane is compared to mine and note the early rotation of the hips as the belt buckle starts to already point toward the target.

He's clearing the hips in order to allow the shallowed shaft plane to move down the line and square up the clubface.

If he didn't, he'd push it to the right.

My steep angle and slightly cocked wrist is going to require my hands to try and square it up at impact. This requires perfect timing and, since that's extremely hard to do consistently, is very unreliable and hard to repeat over time.

PIC 4 - Outside of the first pic, this is a good matchup.

Shoulders, left arm angle and right elbow are all relatively at the same stage in the sequence but the shaft angle is a good 10-15 degrees different.

Note the red arrow behind Rory's left leg. He's clearing hips and left leg and rear is coming into view. My lower body is more static. Also, his head position is helping to facilitate the clearing and also, I suspect, the shallowing of the club.

My swing was deceiving because I hit the shot very good and thought I had shallowed the club at least somewhat. Disappointing to see that the angle is still steep but all in all I was buoyed by the fact I had a good 6-7 holes of hitting consistently solid, straight shots that day.