Updated: Jan 22, 2019

"Before one can break must break 80."


"Hit second shot first."


Pretty steep on the downswing

I realize my goal of breaking 70 is a little lofty but I've come close a few times in the past.

Now that I'm middle-aged I figure I better get on it before I croak.

In my opinion, this means that I have to re-vamp my swing, starting with the new technology and techniques all the 'kids' are using these days.

Initially, I thought shallowing the club would be a no-brainer but after working on it all summer I've discovered it's harder than I expected. It's no wonder it takes Tiger a year or two to get his new swings in shape and he's working on it 24/7. I'm lucky if I get to the range once a week in the warm months.

It's hard to break old habits and my habits, entrenched since when I was a teenager on the school golf team, are still in my muscle memory: steep on the downswing and handsy at impact to line it up at the last second.

The result: inconsistency. If I'm on I can still break 80, sometimes close to par. If i'm off...forget about it, my scores can leap into the 90s.

The elephant in the room at this point of course is the short game but don't get me started, that's for further posts down the line and I plan to tackle it once I get the swing re-vamped.

Wish me luck and feel free to comment with tips, tricks and stories of improving your own game!