So I had just finished a tutorial from Eric Corgorno (, went out in the backyard with a club and the GoPro and actually managed to successfully shallow the club on a few swings.

Using an alignment stick to keep my butt and hips deeper - early extension aka 'humping the goat' seems to be one of my downfalls - and following his 'equal and opposites' tip, I didn't have to struggle, twist and feel like I was upside-down and looking into a mirror when trying to shallow the plane.

The point is: if you're feeling like you're upside-down and looking into a mirror (in other words, struggling), then you're probably on the wrong track.

I might be a little over-zealous bc. I haven't brought these swing thoughts to the range yet - much less the course - but I certainly am cautiously optimistic and can't wait to try and groove this into my swing.