Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Ok, I'm an idiot.

Orangutan with coconut on head.
Me as I prepare for backyard drone flight.

I practiced flying on the simulator.


I watched several YouTube videos on how to get started.


I cleared the backyard of the little ones.


I set the drone far enough away from the house.


I set the drone on launch area...camera facing me.


After a few seconds of wobbly flight, the warning signal went off, telling me to 'LAND DRONE NOW'.

Since it was set up facing me, all the controls were opposite. It started getting perilously close to the house about 7ft. above the ground.

I panicked.

Instinctively, I reached up to grab one of the skids (not sure why, guess I thought I could stabilize it and hit auto-land and bring down gently) and it hit the house, banging off into my hand and onto the ground.

Basically the thing exploded.

Karma drone with broken propellors
Exploded drone after failed backyard launch.

Thank God they build those props to be fragile because my hand got chopped but not too badly, didn't need stitches.

Bandaged hand after failed drone flight
Mangled hand of idiot drone pilot.

I was so mad at myself I had to retreat to the bedroom and sit for 10 minutes to gather my wits.

Fortunately, those things are built Ford tough. I bought 4 new props, brought it back out a few days later, held my breath and it was fine.

LESSON: When you're just getting started, fly in open area on a non-windy day with camera facing AWAY from you.